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playing with cat

If you want to play with your little friend you should know couple of tips.

- First thing first. S/he plays not when you want but when s/he wants.

- Cats most likely to react things that about to get out of their sight. For instance, if you are shaking some toy and your cat just looks at it then try slowly getting the toy behind your back or behind an obstacle. This will immediately trigger little guy.

- They are more reactive to sounds than visuals. Thus, not only shake whatever you have in your hand but also make some scratchy sounds with it.

- Colors are not important for them. Therefore, you don't have to get shiny or colorful toys. Anything from a bottle cap to shoelace can work.

They can hurt you but you cannot hurt them. They can wake you up to play but you cannot do the same.

Night is their favorite play time, but yours is not.