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Founded in 1975, Microsoft has been the leading producer of personal computer operating systems. It is best known for it's flag ship operating system Windows. Despite the fact that there are very powerful competitors in the market, Microsoft has been the symbol of corporate success over the years. There is an interesting reason behind this success.

Microsoft has a crew which Bill Gates calls "lazy". If you are a lazy developer you would like to create tools which is easy to use. That is what Microsoft does. If your tools are easy to use then it triggers the creativity and productivity. That is why for all these years all the games and programs had been released mainly for Windows. You couldn't find Matlab for Linux. Because people tend to go for platforms where everything is ready for production and you got everything necessary in the repository.

Microsoft has been the competitor to every major software company. It competes with Apple for OS, Google for search engine, Oracle for OOP Language (C# vs Java), with Sql Server for other Sql implementations, Windows CE with embedded Linux, with other web platforms and so forth. These guys are giant.

Whatever these guys create or involve it is sure that it will be self sufficient. CLR is something amazing. Create C#, C++, F# and VB code and combine them according to your need. You don't need to hack into or tweak something in order to make it work.

Other software companies always have the following motto. "You need to do this in order to make it work". Why don't you do it and make it always work in the first place? For recent years I can say Google is following the Microsoft way. The Android platform, Android Studio and Java integration with the OS seems flawless. Thus if you ask really for a second company that creates trust worthy read to go tools, I would say Google it is.