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meaning of life

The meaning and the purpose of your life is whatever keeps you from killing yourself. That is really the only definition we can come up with. There is no predefined purpose of life. There is nobody to decide what a person's purpose should be.

If we are going to die and all the people we know will die and eventually everything we know will vanish then what is the purpose of being existed in the first place? You born and you die. The things you do in between doesn't matter after you die. You will not feel, you will not think because you will not exist.

You eat, love, work, have fun, fight, hate and then you die. Everything is gone.

That is why everyone can find a purpose or a goal in life in order to avoid this idea and live. A goal that keeps you from killing yourself.

For this matter, people can only think by their lives and experience. No other person can observe and make a conclusion about others' lives and purposes. This is by far one of the most private matters in human life.

In my experience, there is no big purpose or great meaning behind my life. I always enjoy to look one step forward. Instead of seeking for a meaning I just imagine how the life I wanna live should look. A stable financial security, a good city to live in, moderately fun friends to hang out with and good health would make my life really worth to live. Deeper or greater meanings and purposes can be pursued by others.