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kim jong un

Curer of aids and cancer, Kim Jong il's fat son. His father is inventor of hamburger and world's best golf player. 

According to North Koreans, he can read minds and he is the sexiest man alive. Before him, the sexiest man alive was his father Kim Jong il.

The only fat person in North Korea. 

When I first saw him on the internet, I thought it was a parody of the real North Korean leader. It turns out that he is the kim jong un itself. Look at him.(http://static3.businessinsider....

I suspect no one can dare to tell him that his hair looks like a bird nest. That's why he is not aware of how awful he looks.

He is literally exploiting the people under his rule. North Koreans don't have internet access. They don't have any rights against their dictator. They can be killed without an explanation. They are not allowed outside of North Korea. 

The worst is that they are not aware of what they are going through, because they don't have any connection to outside world. They are suffering in terms of economy, freedom and lack of lots of human rights. Just because there are good materials for joking about this guy, doesn't make this situation any less unfortunate.

I swear this kid will blow up the earth someday. I know being fat is unpleasant and having a micro penis is undesirable but still you can do better than playing with nuclear weapons.