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first date with crush

That moment when you realize finding words to say is utterly difficult. What ever you think of to say feels like a trap. Especially if (in my case) the girl is beautiful and dumb. These two adjectives are closely relate, trust me. 

While you are distracted by how beautiful she is, you are also extremely surprised by how deeply stupid she can be. That's why you start talking about global warming, your mother's health issues and how your dog likes to sniff armpit, on your first date. 

If those butterflies in stomach becomes diarrhea due to nervousness, you're gonna have bad time.

If you have been single for a while or you have been waiting for someone "right" for you, you probably became a little more eager to get the person you are planning to get. 

However, if you have been dating or flirting time to time, then you probably wouldn't have the idea that of "I have been single for a long time, I should get her/him". You would say "this might be nice to have, but if it doesn't happen it is alright" . Your attitude changes with your circumstances.

Well, sometimes it is the most excited night you will ever have together again. I am not a romantic type, but some of the most exciting memories of mine are the times when the girl I have been dreaming of becomes my girlfriend.

The date when you should let her talk if you are a guy. If she is not eager to talk then ask her some questions to make her talk.

Women are interested in talkitive men when in a social environment. But when alone, a man who listens is more attractive then the one who talks more than he listens.

This shows that you are confident with youself and you don't need more to express.