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buttocks fluff

A collection of miscellaneous fluffy fibres remaining from fabrics of clothes between two cheeks. Sometimes there can be ass hair found mixed with it.

Sometimes people left some of them on the toilet seat. You first think that it is some kind of bug then you realize it's someone's ass fluff. Sometimes called ass lint.

When you go down on a girl and you realize something on your tongue. For just one second, you pray to God for that it is not a piece of shit nugget or some kind of dirt that comes out of the long unvisited deep dark parts of the vagina. You get a big relief when you see it is just an ass fluff. After that, you decide to make your life more meaningful because of this favor God granted you.

I read this when I just started eating my pizza. This is how unfortunate I am.

This might be a good definition for buttocks fluff.