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being single for a long time

Being single for a long time is quite different than just Being Single. You get used to your current lifestyle and you begin to realize you don't want someone in your life. You don't want because there is a reason for being single for a long time in the first place.

Of course it has a lot of side effects, as well. I have been eating on the bed sometimes. I sleep on ridiculous hours during the day. Staying at home looks more fun than simply going out with my friends, although I have quite a few good friends whom I enjoy being with.

Nonetheless, I think some people will never truly be ready for a commitment such as marriage or any other long term serious relationship, for that matter.

There are many people who cannot handle a long term relationship with not only a romantic partner but also a friend or family member. Speculating about side effects of being single for long time has two sides. One of which is the already existing personality of the individual. Some people really can't handle serious relationships and that's not a result of a long term single life but it is the cause of it.

My opinion is that there is nothing to be alarmed about. In most of the modern societies it is quite normal to live a single life with your cat or dog.

Leads to horrendous tendencies if you are not used it. It changes your mindset towards a lot of things from daily life to long term plans. Avoid if possible.