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Windows 10

Currently the last operating system from Microsoft. They announced that they will not create any more version of windows. 

The best part for me is Universal App possibility. You can deploy same application to desktop, mobile, embedded etc. with little changes.

I resisted like two months before I updated to Windows 10. But when I did, I realized it was a very good decision. Windows 10 is the combination of best parts from both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 . I love Task View and multiple desktop functionality. Windows is always one step ahead in terms of multitasking. 

It's search capability in terms of both files and applications is amazing. It uses a caching mechanism and finds what you are looking for very fast. It is optimized according to what you use frequently. 

After all these years Microsoft finally created a rock solid, incredibly stable and undeniably modern operating system. 

The operating system which can format itself. Last week I was trying to create a bootable usb drive for Windows 10 and I called my friend. He said "oh ignorance". You can just go to recovery tools and format the computer. 

It has two options. You can format the computer but keep your personal files or you can do a fresh reinstall like fully clean operating system.

This is an amazing feature we all have been craved for. This is just amazing.