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TypeScript is a superset of Javascript which provides object oriented capabilities to your scripts at compile time. The technology is open source and backed by Microsoft (which is awesome).

I was a huge hater of javascript until I came across with TypeScript. If you are person which comes from strong typing background, like I do, then TypeScript is the heaven.

One of the most beautiful things about TypeScript is that because it is a superset of Javascript, you can directly put your existing javascript code and compile it without any headache. I have been working with TypeScript for just one year but most of the functionality on my web projects became client side, instead of server side.

TypeScript is indeed a huge tool for Javascript developers. It has proven itself very well so that Angular js 2 is written in TypeScript. We also use TypeScript for all the javascript code on Grenders. 

Since the introduction of LINQ I have always admired Microsoft for their philosophy and how they approach software development. TypeScript is another tech that proves my point in this. 

My personal opinion is that in the future TypeScript may replace majority of javascript development due to the fact that a lot of frameworks such as Node.js and Angular.js are heavily used on both client and server side. 

If tao says it is good, then good it is.

TypeScript provides a lot of compiler magic for JavaScript developers. For instance

var list = [1, 2];

list = [...list, 3, 4];

ellipsis operator spreads the list to it's arguments. You can also do something like var [head, ...tail] = [1,2,3,4,5] and get head = 1 and tail = [2,3,4,5]. This is merely a simple example for what TypeScript can do. It also deals with the famous variable scope when using loops. For this, there is a "let" keyword instead of "var".