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The platform where everybody writes no one reads. Its like a bazaar. Everyone is trying to sell sonething shitty. 

Social network website which started as a sms service. That's why they have this famous 140 character limitation.

I could never understand what people are actually doing there. Seriously. No one gives a shit. I have twitter account and when I look at my home page I see million tweets per second. Who reads that?

It is useful for famous people to stay connected to fans. Sometimes it does a good job as news source. I too do not understand why other ordinary people are struggling to obtain followers.

For businesses, celebrity, news and other users which requires sone kind of broadcasting medium thst is fine. How about 17 year old johnny? What about you johnny? What is your excuse?

They had not monetized the website until 2013. Then they entered the market with worth of billions of dollars.

It is the most crowded social network platform after Facebook. And I think it is used more frequently than Facebook in daily basis. Because Twitter is more dynamic when compared to Facebook in terms of both content and user activity. 

Twitter is very similar to the real world. Everyone has the illusion of "we all have same opportunities and we all can do what can be done". That's why people are trying hard, spending time, wasting money (yes, there are lots of people who literally buy followers) for an illusion. Still only the famous people and those who are fine without followers enjoy the twitter. 

Other people in between these two category are the ones who are wasted. It reminds me scenes from The Mirrors. How futuristic and spammy it is.

No one really reads anything on it. It's incredible. When people criticize Twitter for being too crowded and chaotic, I wasn't expecting such a ridiculous structure. I have been on Twitter for almost two months and I am really confused. Everyone wants to get followers. That's the point? Then what?

People buy and sell followers on the internet. Followers, which will never read what you typed there. Only celebrity tweets get likes, but I suspect people like them without even reading it.

This doesn't apply to all users, but majority (I can say 90%) of users are just doing almost nothing. Nothing meaningful.