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Turkey military coup attempt

As a post Phd researcher of History of Politics, I think I can try to analyse this quite much. And with very basic words.

This is one of the oldest games in the book. It is applied as follows. If you want to hold the power or maintain it, you need two things, a common enemy and a scapegoat. If you create a common enemy people will unite under your rule, against this enemy (In this case Fetulla Gulen and Secular Turkish army). After you are sure that this enemy is legit and people begin to accept it, it is time for scapegoat.

Arrange an event such as a fake attack, fake assassination attempt or a fake coup attempt like Erdogan'n crew did. Defeat those who attempted the event and punish them very hard. Now people are so excited that they are completely loyal to their King.

Now, it is time to use this momentum to achieve what you have been looking forward to.

These smart moves show that Erdogan has very intelligent assistants in terms of political strategies. Most of the recent bad events in Turkey happens with his orders. It is quite obvious. Ironically, these bad events ordered by Erdogan unites Turkish people under the rule of Erdogan. That is a good plan.

Finally, I may make a prediction about related future events. Since these plans are all succeeded, he will create new enemies whenever he seems like loosing power. Maybe he uses ISIS to bomb Turkey in order to go to Syria. Or maybe he has enough momentum and start an Islamic revolution in Turkey, just like it happened in Iran.

Final words: Although I am against islamic states and Sharia, I respect Erdogan due to his smart moves and ability to manipulate people. I cannot say he is a "bad person", because this is politics. You don't get emotional and you do whatever you have to do. I cannot clearly say that Turkey would become a theocracy. It depends whether US gets involved or not. US makes the final decision.

Oh wow! Citizens killed soldiers. Now they have been cheering.

I always thought Turkey as something like Greece and Bulgaria and such. But, what I see from news is thousands of people who are craving for an islamic state.

We are witnessing the history. If I'm not wrong, it will turn into an Islamic revolution. I am really excited to see a historic event.

By the way, if people want to be ruled by Sharia then let them have it.

I guess driving car will expose women to evil in Turkey. Sounds legit.

Captain Erdogan : Civil War

US: He is my friend.

Erdogan: So was I.