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Turkey (country)

One of the weirdest places I have ever been in my life. You cannot decide if those people are good or bad or just a little weird because of cultural differences.

They all look at you all the time. They are very reactive to their environment. For instance if you laugh everybody is looking at you. If you sneeze, it is the same. If they hear you talking a foreign language they stare at you the whole time.

They are also always ready to argue and fight. Incredible people. 

Mosques are beautiful and kebab is breath taking. Istanbul is a really wonderful city for a vacation for weekend.

My home country. I can agree that my people can be far more weird than you can possibly imagine. I have been living in this country for all my life but it still doesn't fail to surprise me.

The capital city is Ankara but most of the time it is confused as Istanbul. Unlike the reputation of it in Europe, Turkey's demographic distribution does not consist of intellectually incapacitated hairy pricks. Well, kind of true, but we also have well educated, highly intelligent people around here.

Sometimes I come across with news from turkey and I have couple of turkish friends. So here are my observations.

Majority of the population is muslim. Most of those people are uneducated and easy to manipulate.

There is an ongoing conflict between secular and religious part of the country since the end of ottoman empire.

Similar to india and china, the education is just a regular procedure bearing no meaning in terms of real purposes. But this part is not necessary to know if you will just visit it (which I don't suggest)

Food is great, people are naive and sometimes dangerous.

The only country which claims 90% of the population is muslim but 85% of them havr never read the holy book of their religion.

The laziest people in the world.

For the last couple of months there are a lot of bombs exploding. All my friends who were planning to visit Turkey just excluded this destination from their route.

Now U.S kind of trying to imply that there can be a Kurdish state in Northern Iraq which is the southern border of Turkey. I wish luck to them because things seem to get nastier in that region.

(9 August Edit): Currently they are re-evaluating their relationships with US and EU considering Russia, Iran and China as new allies. Part of the reason for this attempt is due to their belief of US being involved in Turkey military coup attempt.

If I know US very well then she will not let Turkey to get closer to eastern countries.

Turkey is one of those countries in which the population consists of two major different ideology or ethnic groups such as Canada and Spain. In Turkey, there are people who want to follow Ataturk's principles and become a secular constitutional state like western countries. Other people wants to be ruled by Islamic laws or maybe even with Sharia. This conflict has been going on since the foundation of Republic of Turkey after the collapse of Ottoman Empire.

Those who are very religious also wants the Ottoman Empire back. They are not insistent on the name Ottoman, meaning that Turkey is completely fine with them. Nevertheless, they think democracy may bring a lot of undesired things in terms of Islamic belief system such as women's right to work.