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The reason why some countries are poor

In the history there are always some era that defines the current economical possibilities and trends. Gold, iron, agriculture, slavery (yes this is also in the list), petrolium and industry are some of the examples. 

For instance from 1800's to 1950's Industrial revolution was in effect. Between 1980 and today it is software and internet. Some countries couldn't keep up with almost any of them. They are somehow always late. 

The answer is Religion. Since they have that amazing after life, it is easy to take their current life from them. No science, no human rights, no improvement. They just want to go to the heaven, or nirvana or whatever the fuck that is. 

Consider Africa. 99.999% of archeological findings are about some kind of god or religion. Consider middle east. Mos popular religions born there, because their culture craves for religion and tyrany. 

Why idea of "freedom" and "freedom of speech" always come from secular or semi-secular societies? Think about it.

Maybe the reason "why some countries are rich" gives an insight about it. 

My answer is definitely "honesty". I have been in over 10 countries because of my father's job. Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Turkey and Azerbeijan are among them.

I observed that in poor countries people are very eager to make "easy" money. They are also very comfortable with bribery, especially Azerbaijan runs on bribery. 

They only think about themselves. The idea of collective well being doesn't exist. That's why they have little tax on expensive things bu huge taxes on cheap ones. Because law makers are rich and they are not concerned about overall country, whatsoever.

It is mostly about culture. Some people such as Caribbean people have a more "save the day" culture. This makes it difficult to change the infrastructure of a country especially in terms of free market. Because voluntary production is successful if there is competition.

After Industrial Revolution some countries tried to develope themselves but Communism-Neo Fashism-Capitalism triangle didn't let them.

First, US and British tried to expand their colony, market and resources by involving in WW1. Then east saw this big danger and united against it. NATO saw the move and responded with secret "stay behind" operations. The most famous of them is "Gladio" which was created in Italy against a Soviet invasion.

However, after Soviet Russia lost power, these counter-guerrilla people are used against left-wing people in various countries including Italy, Greece and Turkey.

This CIA project caused some Mediterranean countries to loose momentum during develooment phase and they couldn't become first world countries.