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The noisy hispanic guy you always hear

You can be in a party, restaurant, public transportation etc. If you pay attention you can hear him.

We don't know what he is talkin about or why he is so excited.

My message is to you loud speaking hispanic dude. One day I will catch you and I will keep you until I find out why you are always excited.

Interesting observation. After I saw the title I realized that I know that guy. In fact, most of the time it is a male as tittle suggests. A Caribbean guy...

I don't know if this is racist but this is definitely true. Whenever I am in an environment where there are Spanish people I hear all their conversation. However, I am not saying this is something bad. In fact, if you are not listening them from a distance but you are with them then the conversation feels more comfortable. Because they tell what they tell with excitement no matter what they are talking about. And this feels good when you are the listener.

If I want somebody at my table I would choose a Spanish instead of an American from San Francisco. They barely speak but when they do it is about how expensive their city is.

There is no one here. But I'm still hearing it.