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The ben franklin effect

Ben franklin effect is a proven psychologic fact suggesting that if a person does a favor for you then he/she is more likely to do another favor for you again. 

Interesting part is that the person is more likely to do you a favor as if you did a favor for that person. Moreover, as scientists claim, this is more effective than tha case where you do the favor first.

If you do a favor to someone, yousubconsciously think that this person is worthy of a favor. Thus, you are more likely to do a another favor.

Another reason is that when you do something for someone you think you made some kibd of investment. And if you reject the second favor, you unintentionally believe that the first investment will also be gone.

This is what makes guys be like a pet dog for women. Once you begin to sacrifice to her you cannot stop until she dumps you. Yes she dumps. Because the other side of the story is as follows. The more she receives favors from you the less important those favors become.