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The Friendzone

If a person is not sexually attractive for his or her friend and has feelings for the that friend then he or she is in the friendzone.

It has a hierarchy. You get friendzoned. You friendzone somebody. That somebody friendzones another person and so on. The last person probably friendzones a cat, fish or something.

Sometimes it is better to friendzone rather than to play with a person's emotions. Things are easy to forget before they begin.

There are few possible ways to get out of friendzone. If you are a guy a thick wallet may help you in this. If you are a girl, emphasis boobs and ass a little more. That also can help.

Of course sometimes things are more complicated and hopeless. In that case just give up.

There may be possible ways of taking yourself out of the friendzone , but why bother? There are plenty of fish out there and you get obsessed with a girl or guy. The time you waste trying to get them is indeed enough to get  a good girlfriend or boyfriend. Nevertheless, you waste your time and energy on a person just because you couldn't attract their attention and you are obsessed. Which part of it makes sense to people?

If you are a guy here is my advise: Don't chase women, chase money instead. Women will come afterwards.