The Big Bang Theory

My favorite tv series of all time and here is why.

I am kind of a nerd but not absurd as it is depicted in the show. I don't make enough money to leave my parents' house and I still live with them. Not many friends, parties or girls...

If I let myself dive into my real life it is utterly miserable. However, when I watch The Big Bang Theory I feel like I am among them. It's like they are my friend and I feel warm and safe.

I know this is sad, but still, most of the time, it is the only time I feel relaxed and part of something.

That house, Leonard's house, where everything happens... I would like to live there or at least be a neighbor.

Damn, my life is sad and I'm 26 already.

Good it is came up. Unlike the common sense, Rajesh and Bernadette are essential for TBBT. Whenever I watch an episode which doesn't include them very much, I get bored.

Oh, Penny. After a long time period, I started from season 1 again. She was so young. Now she is over 30 and gives it away. She is still hot, though.

Cast members of main characters get $1 million per episode. 1 million for fuck's sake.

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