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Success in life

The topic that keeps a lot of people's minds. What should happen in a person's life so that one can be finally satisfied in his life? Financial power can be a criterion. Or maybe love. Maybe you have a hobby, a passion and you are good at it.

Some people are quite happy with their lives. Some just look so. And some people are constantly seeking for novelty. However, there is no singke definition for success in life. 

My personal opinion on this is that if you are financially independent, you are doing the job you like, you are with a person you want to be with and you are fairly healthy then you succeeded in life. 

I don't think it has or should have a definition. The real question is does everyone have to be successful regardless of the definition of success? The idea is imposed on people in a very artificial way and we made them utterly uncomfortable with their lives.

For me, the real success is getting as rich as possible. Financial power sets you free in terms of time and place. That is the real freedom.

If you associate success with how satisfied and happy you are with your life, then for me success is a constant and consistent improvement one's life.

For instance, as mentioned, being rich is not a satisfactory achievement for me, but slowly getting there is. I am not successful when I am rich, I am successful if I am getting richer when compared to previous year of my life.

Of course this definition may change according to your requirements. For instance, It can be fame instead of money. Or maybe you are an athlete and you are getting better and faster every year.

To sum up, success is not what you have achieved but how you feel about your current progress.