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South park

A cartoon show for adults. The story is about a four children named Kyle, Stan, Erick and Kenny, their families and all other people living in a town called South Park.

The show contains a lot of adult language and content. Stories generally contain some parts from recent news and viral events.Despite the fact that it is one of the most absurd tv shows of all time, it has been on air for almost 20 years.

Creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, do the voice acting for almost all male characters. 

There are unlimited amount of absurdity in the cartoon. 

In one episode, Cartman made another kid eat his parents in a chilli sauce. 

Another: Lorde (the signer) was the secret identity of Randy Marsh.

Steve Jobs created a human centipede from 3 people (including Kyle) in order to create a reading walking email device.

Mr. Mackay and principal Victoria threw Cartman under the bus. (By Literally throwing him under a moving bus)

Randy Marsh intentonally got a testicle cancer in order to get a right to buy medicinal marijuana. He carried his balls in a wheelbarrow for the rest of the episode. (Some other neighbors also did that)

These are just a few examples of thousands.