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Simulation Universe Theory

According to this hypothesis, the universe we live in is a simulation based off of some limited set of rules and properties. Although this discussion enters the realm of science fiction, it is partly backed up with scientific evidences. Those evidence do not directly point to simulation theory and the theory cannot be proven by those findings. However, these evidence are somehow supporting the idea of simulation theory.

One of the evidence is the minimum amount of energy that can be obtained, spent or carried as a potential energy. Think about it as currency. An electron can have 1 dollar, 50 cent, 20 cents, 10 cents and that's it. It cannot have 0.28 cents. That is why an electron can only be one of the multiple certain orbits around the nucleus of the atom. It cannot be between those orbits because it requires the energy of electron to be between 10 cent and 11 cent which is not possible. Question is why do universe have this limit? Why the energy cannot have an infinitely small amount but instead should be stored as smallest amount of Quantas? It is like binary code for computer. You cannot go smaller than binary.

Other suggestion is about the vastness of the universe despite the fact that we have never encounter any sign of an intelligent being around the galaxy. This highly suggests that the universe is like a computer simulation. The more we explore the bigger it gets and it is not necessary to occupy other parts of the galaxy or the universe because the main focus of the simulation is the human kind. Other things such as stars and other galaxies are just a landscape.

Last one I want to mention comes from James Gates who discovered a special kind of error detection and correction computer algorithm in the equations of string Theory while working on string theory. My math was not enough to understand those equations but he is a serious scientist and some other serious scientists agree with him.

It actually makes a lot sense. If you listen to me very carefully you will realize something that will bend your mind and nail you to your chair.

First you need to understand how simulation work. For this purpose we can think about computer games. In a game there are a lot of things you might do or discover. All those things are related to each other and to the game for that matter. For example if you find a key somewhere in the game it is absolutely for opening a door or such. Game creator puts those items to make you interact with other items in the game. "So what" you may ask.

In real life we find semiconductors and it turns out it is useful for transistors and computers. We find electricity and that copper is a good conductor. And then we see copper is easy to bend so that we can make cables. Then we find magnets in sand. So we can generate electricity. Electric field causes magnetic field and we discover this causes a current flow in conductor thus makes wireless communication possible. It is like playing age ıf empires. Everything was put there so that players use them. There is also this amazing tool called mathematics which is like designed to calculate all the physical properties. The list goes on.

This is madness. All these things are purposely hidden in universe so that we discover and play the game. How come all those different scientific discoveries turn out to be perfect fit for each other? Someone discovers oil and we make car. It is obvious that it was predefined. Think about it.

What might be the purpose of the game? Humanity becomes god like intelligent beings and achieve intergalactic access. Creates an artificial super intelligence and solves every problem in universe. Unlimited knowledge and intelligence. Then creators of the simulation starts it all over again from the beginning.

I am not sure if this hypothesis can be called a theory. Because a theory is a tested, experimented and proven hypothesis. Yes, it is not possible to disprove this hypothesis, but the Teapot hypothesis is also cannot be disproved. Thus, I wouldn't call this a theory but a hypothesis.

If this whole thing is a simulation then what kind of psychopathic pricks are those designers? People and animals suffer everyday around the world. Everything is flawed.

On the other hand, if this simulation is done by our descendants in order to examine how we evolved and became what we are today then this is the exact design of God. If that is the case then the simulation we are living in is the exact replica of the real world in which our designers (people) live. How can they be sure that they are not also in a simulation?

Elon Musk recently claimed the same thing. The theory makes sense to me, as well.

There is a phenomenon called "observable universe" which means we can only see space in a limited length of radius. If you played a game like the world of war craft you remember that you can see a limited amount of area at any point in the game. The rest of the map won't appear until you go there and observe it.

Even this similarity makes it a very possible analogy between universe and a simulation.