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Shitting your pants when trying to fart

Okay this happened to my friend when I was 15 at high school.

There was apple pie with lunch in school. No one knew that he was allergic to almond and pie was full of them. He ate his pie and mine, cause I'm not really fan of it.

Any way. We went to class. About 30 mins later he started to act strangely. Like uncomfortable. I realized that he was trying to fart but whenever he tries a high pitch sound comee from his ass.

He turned and told me "dude I need to fart so badly. I will count to three and then you will cough so no one hears my fart".

I agreed. He started counting. When he said "I will count to three then you cough" I thought he wad gonna count to three and at four I will cough. But no, while I was getting ready he just poured a load of shit right next to me. I was frozen.

The sound made it obvious that it was diarrhea and he shat a shit load of it. I could realize that he couldn't stop and shat a little more after first explosion.

Then we put his cuff in his socks and carried him to toilet. We carried him because when he tried to walk shit was dropping like hell.

I cannot forget that face while we were carrying him. I didin't feel any guilt because I should have been exploded in order to cover that sound.

Going to toilet to poop and only fart and come back. Not the same struggle, but the same misery.