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Random Facts

Today I saw a fact and it made me create this topic. 

Here is the fact: Apple is storing everything you say to Siri, on their servers for two years. Yes, all those retarded things you said to your "phone" is stored. All of 'em. 

Source Source

In 1999, a mentally ill woman leaves her estate to Charles Bronson, who she never met. And he accepts it. Hilarious.

The woman's family filed a law suit against Bronson and things got nasty. (

In 2010, Microsoft suspended a user's Xbox Live account because his address includes "Fort Gay". Than it turns out that Fort Gay was a real place in West Virginia. Oh Microsoft. (

Adidas cancels any sponsorship agreements with a player if they discover the player is somewhat related to Scientology.

Lighter was invented 10 years before match was.

A human body contains enough number of bones to make up a human skeleton.

Shocking, right?

The Goblet of Fire is much longer than the first 3 books in the Harry Potter series, because the author J.K. Rowling accidentally created a plot hole and she spent the rest of the book trying to fix.

This photo (http://images.nationalgeograph....) is neither a painting nor a photoshoped image. These are Camel Thorn trees in Namibia.

This is a painting within a painting being painted by a painter painting the painting, who is also painting himself.

A human shares about 50% of his DNA with a banana. I knew it. I always felt differently to bananas.