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Quitting Smoking

It is one of the most troubling process for many people. For people who had begun smoking, like me, it is very difficult even to imagine a life without it. Lots of emotional stimuli triggers the urge for smoking. Sadness, boredom, excitement, nervousness and so forth. Sometimes we smoke just because we don't have anything better to do.

I know couple of people who successfully stop smoking and they say they have a better life quality without it. Nevertheless, I believe I would never be able to quit unless I have a stable life and a stable emotional state. Since it is both a chemical and psychological addiction, it would require some additional help.

For some people it is not even an option. Furthermore, some people love smoking despite the harmful effects.

Albert Einstein says he loves smoking because it helps him thinking.

In many countries public health service helps you quit smoking. Nicotine band and nicotine gum actually work quite well for that matter. My uncle, who is a gastroenterologist, have quit after 15 years of smoking. He has been "clean" for over 5 years and he even smokes occasionally when he drinks a beer or two.

He says trying new cuisines help him stop smoking quite much. He claims that sometimes when you want to smoke, your body actually needs something different but you associate that urge with smoking. When he wants to smoke he was trying to figure out if the urge was about smoking or something else. Sometimes he wants salty things and urge goes away. Sometimes even thirst can be confused as urge to smoke, he says. Drink a glass of water and it will be gone for a while.