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Python (programming language)

A programming language (which is actually a scripting language) that is interpreted by python interpreter. The syntax is quite easy to learn and very human readible. 

It is one of the fastest growing language among web developers. Espacially with Django web framework which is based on python.

This is indeed what I call duck tape. Changes are easily made to any kind of application either web or desktop or mobile without recompiling everything over and over again.

Python has one of the largest open source libraries. Nlp, machine learning, scientific computation etc. Thanks to the huge community of python, you can find almost any library you can think of.

The least reliable platform for windows users. Scipy has problems. Numpy has problems. C extentions have problem. .Net support have problem. Server side stability? If you are not on linux but windows then that also has problems. 

If you are not a linux client and you are not gonna build your application with entirely python then don't get involved. The stuggle would eat you.

And frankly, although it has been decades from the first release, it feels like it's still an experimental tool. Maybe I'm too harsh on it.