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Post Masturbatory Depression

A depression which shows itself with guilt and disgust after masturbating either watching porn or using imagination. It's treatment is slightly difficult due to feeling of guilt and shame of the patient. Sometimes it is called Post Porn Depression informally.

It is a very common syndrome among especially males. It may vary in terms of severity and duration depending on person's past experiences and mental state. The condition is not considered as a medical disorder.

When you ejaculate there is a feeling like "this is fucked up, dude.". You don't even want to look at what's going on in the computer screen. It happens especially if you watch anal, double, BDSM, fisting, bukkake and so forth. You even feel compassion for the girl in the video although you were saying "fuck her harder, slap her, fuck her all of ya" 2 minutes ago. 

I think this also happens when you sleep with a chick which is not your type and see her after you cum. I tell to myself "you should have watched porn and got post-masturbatory depression instead of fucking this weird person". If you are drunk then it is not severe whatsoever. But if you are sober and able to listen to yourself then your inner voice says something like "Dude, this innocent girl also deserves love and happiness. You are just fucking her. Shame on you.". What? You are the same fucking inner voice who told me "look at those babylons. Look how jiggly and perky they are". 

I believe one of the reasons for this kind of conditions is how sex is shown to you. The reason that this condition is more common among males is that they have never told that women also likes having sex and it is a very natural thing to do. Moreover, females can also be polyamory ( and they even may fantasize about having extraordinary styles of sex. 

In Eastern cultures, sex and masturbation are generally associated with shame and guilt. This may cause lots of undesired mental conditions and situations both in marriage and other kinds of sexual relationships. 

It doesn't happen among women very often because we know what we want and we watch what we generally tolerate in normal life. Unlike men, women are not out of control when hormones rush to their brain. That is why there are not huge differences in mental states of women before and after orgasm. 

Also I don't believe that the sex which is shown by the porn industry is actually the norm that it should be in our bedrooms. Those videos are extreme because they should excite you more since they are just videos. You cannot touch a women, cannot kiss or anything. They are trying to make this disadvantage by doing extreme things in videos. If you have sex with a girl you really desire, you don't need to do such things. You can, but don't need to.

Although these definitions are quite good, they still miss the core of this phenomenon.

Symptoms of post masturbatory depression are very similar to those of sleeping with a girl you actually don't find attractive. After sex you feel down and confused even though you had an okay sex. This is because unlike other "rewarding" experiences such as drugs, alcohol, desert etc. sex finishes very quickly. This confuses you because you were having great pleasure just a momen ago but it all gone. If, however, you were with a person you like then after sex you still have things to have pleasure with like cuddling or kissing or maybe talking. 

Masturbation is like this. You just quickly loose what you were having a great pleasure with seconds ago. This doesn't confuse you in the conscious level but a more deeper one.