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Political correctness

Political correctness is one of the least meaningful pressure on people forcing them to avoid offending a group of people. 

The "group" may include race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, gender and so on. 

Criticizing people became so difficult these days. It is very annoying not to speak about the things you obviously see it is wrong but it can offend some group of people 

This is what gives some people a free space to advocate wicked things. I don't know why but in today's world ignorance, bad culture, poverty and things like that are being admired. It is not certain if this is something genuine or some what they don't really care and just say what is compatible with P.C.

It was a benign idea when it was not used as a systematic application of a dogmatic set of conventions and ideas. For example, condemning discrimination against gay people is good. Because a gay person = a person = a straight person. Therefore you can neither discriminate nor praise them.

With political correctness, people began to exalt gay people. South park depicted this issue on episode Craig x Tweek.

Can't we just be normal? When we say don't be racist people start praising Black people. That is not what we say. What we mean is that a black=white=arab=asian. If you want to judge one of them judge that person by their attitude and personality, not nationality. That's it. But you start to lick their asses. Now you are licking the asses of Muslims. Why? We didn't say kiss their muslim asses, we just said that don't judge a person just because he is muslim. There is a big difference but I don't think you will get it. So, never mind and keep on licking.

P.C. is against freedom of speech. Period.