Pokemon Go

An augmented reality game for mobile devices. You get pokemons based on your location and timing. Sometimes those regions you can catch different kinds of pokemons may have miles between them.

I am still not sure but some pokemons appear only in specific regions around the country, sometimes even around the world. Thus, you really need to travel in order to catch different kinds of pokemons. This is really close to the original story where Ash travels all the time in order to catch special kind of pokemons.

I have friends who claim that they've lost couple of pounds in couple of weeks thanks to this game. Surprisingly, there are females among them. This game is popular among not only guys but also girls.

This game is definitely not for kids. That's for sure.

About 10 years ago in Turkey, an 8 year old kid jump out of window thinking that he is Pikachu. Pokemon was banned from Turkish television. You can google and find this news.

No one told that it is that kid's stupidiy. Also Pikachu doesn't fly.

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