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A Swedish Youtuber who publishes videos in which he plays video games and comments about them. He has one of the most subscribed channels on Youtube.

There are lots of people who criticize these kind of popular gaming videos just because they are useless. But hey, is everything we do useful? I enjoy watching his videos although it is stupid. We sometimes like to do stupid things.

This video for example can give you an idea about how his videos are. It is generally for only fun. You cannot question something if you can claim that "it's for only fun".

This guy makes millions of dollars annually just by uploading Youtube videos. This is how economical opportunities are changed in last decade.

Isn't it the dream job making millions of dollars just by making videos at home or some studio? For most of us the answer is yes.

I guess someone will eventually mention his blue eyes.

I am not a colored eye fun whatsoever, but this guy looks fine..

Sometimes he speaks Swedish in his videos. When he does, it feels like watching a Viking play game. Are those Swedish people really talk that language in their daily life? Damn north, you are weird.