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Over-population of World

( This graph shows that after Industrial Revolution the human population in the World increased over 100 times in 50 years. Some authorities say that this rise will decline eventually. However, everyone agrees that if Eastern countries doesn't stop reproducing this much, world resources would not be enough for all those people.

If you look at demographics you can see that more than 80% of human population lives in Asia and Africa. What is more disturbing about this situation is that more than 90% of young people lives in these area. It means that they have incredibly more reproductive ability which will show itself as more and more population.

I'm gonna mention education, but 30% of these people are hungry (don't have enough food sources) and 23% of them don't even have access to FRESH WATER. Let alone they would have access to education. 

It is definitely about "empowerment of women" (Christopher Hitchens). Let women take control of their reproductive abilities, their family and children. Do not treat them as breeding cows. Then you can see that society will become better and better with time.

Look at developed countries. They all adopted the idea of men-women equality. Men and women together decide whether they will have another baby or not. In those countries majority of women work. Thus, they don't have enough time to raise a kid every year. I personally know some Asian families who have more than 12 children. Seriously.

As a person from Turkey, I can confirm that in this culture (still) the more male children you have the better. Of course this doesn't apply to 20% of population who lives in big cities and have a decent education. However, these well educated people are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Moreover, since highly educated population makes lesser number of babies, the uneducated/educated ratio gets bigger every year.

China and India should stop fucking like rabbits day and night.

Why are they doing this. I don't get it whatsoever. You are not buying a new pair of shoes. That is a child, a humanbeing you bring to life. How come you don't care? 

Now they are eating insects, literally. That's what happens when you have that much population.

If we are looking for a greater picture, main cause is middle east and africa.

About 50,000 years ago Homo Sapiens began to realize that out numbering rivals is a big advantage in terms of competition. This is how we made Neanderthals and other ancient humans go extinct.

After that era, tribes began to increase their population as much as food and other requirements let them in order to dominate other neighboring tribes. Modern humans adopted this culture and made it permenant in Mesopotamia.

Other regions of world followed this culture in order to compete with these kind of huge population of tribes and civilizations.

For instance, China was also following this idea to dominate far east among other asian people, because in that region other tribes were expanding their tribal capacity. One of them is Turks. The name Turk comes from the word Türük (reprodictive in Turkish). Now you hot the idea.

The world's population has been still pumped by middle east and near regions.