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Koko the gorilla

Koko is an over 40 years old female gorilla that learned American Sign Language (ASL). She has been living her whole life with Francine Patterson who is a researcher in Animal Psychology.

Koko can understand both English and sign language. You can find a lot of videos of her on Youtube in one of which she was given a cat as present. If you watch her carefully you can see that she shows affection towards the little kitten. That brings many questions such as if the definition of human should be changed or should we include chimps and gorillas in the definition of human. They care, they communicate... Koko even asks questions using the sign language which shows that she has curiosity about people and what they think.

I don't know why this gorilla haven't drawn more public attention than it did.

When I watch her it's like a human in gorilla costume. She makes jokes and does playful things. Those were known as human attributes.

A gorilla smarter than half of the world's population.