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ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) A Sunni-Islamic terrorist group located in Iraq and Syria. The group is trying to create a Sunni Islamic state in the region between Iraq and Syria including both countries' lands.

ISIS is the new form of Al Qaeda as it was called Al Qaeda in Iraq before they got the name ISIS. Just like Al Qaeda, this terrorist group is funded and supported by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Ironically, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have very close relationships with US, which is the country who invaded Iraq and let terrorist groups to appear around the region.

Like many people, my opinion is that this is also a CIA project for the Middle East Project. We are familiar with CIA funded terrorist groups such as Gladio in Italy.

Every Muslim fundamentalist is a potentiel ISIS member. Just saying.

They used a 12-14 years old kid as suicide bomber for the attack in Gaziantep, Turkey. United Nations also has a report on how ISIS trains children and especially use children with mental disabilities as suicide bombers.

I am not sure why Islamists are so interested in children both sexually and strategically.

Currently they are being pushed towards southern Syria by Turkish army and Free Syrian Army (i.e. Syrian rebel forces). Turkey is cooperating with FSA instead of Syrian government.

This cooperation made US a little nervous because of the possibility that Turkey and FSA may fight against Kurdish groups with which US forces cooperate.

Thus, ISIS doesn't seem to go away in near future.