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A subjective dictionary where users can define anything that is eligible for a definition.

Unlike other dictionary type of platforms, definitions are not limited to words and idioms. For instance "writing to Grenders" is not a word but an act that can be defined in many forms with a combination of subjective and objective manner. Such a definition could be "Writing to Grenders requires users to be logged in as members". After the definition it can be elaborated with additional information. "Writing to Grenders requires users to be logged in as members. This is what users do to share and acquire knowledge and ideas".

A dictionary kind of website which has an extremely useful navigation methods. In addition to common way to find things, searching, you can also explore them by category. And if you are after some kind of more specialized areas, you can use "Filter" option to filter your results according to what you are looking for.

For example, you want to explore definitions in the category of "History". You can just choose History from tabs. But, if you want to explore famous people in the history then open Filer window and choose "History" and "Famous Person" options. Or maybe you feel lucky and find some interesting combinations for yourself. I tried "Religion" and "Science & Technology" but nothing appeared. I was expecting something like "new hadron collider in church", but maybe in the future.

The place, of which the motto should change from "Definition of Everything" to "Definition of Anything". That way, it would make more sense and I would be happier. 

What I favor about this place is that anything definable can be defined. For example I saw "being a cat owner" and I agree that this act , indeed, can be defined. Because "cat owner" can be defined in a vary limited fashion but being a cat owner is an act about which more information can be given. Moreover, people can define "cat owner" as a third person but "being a cat owner" is easily defined as a first person act.

Here you can not only define the thing but also give any kind of information about it. Even your personal opinion (if useful for others) about the topic is okay.

Simplicity always makes users happy. Keep it like this.