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Getting over your ex

I wanna share my experience and see what you guys have in your mind.

The first thing you should avoid is to try to get anothet partner. Because you will absolutely compare him/her with your ex. 

Do not try to remember good things. Remember why you broke up and whay was wron with your relationship.

Never turn it into a pride war. Cause you are not losing or winning something. The best win you can get is to get over the depression of hard break up.

Do not stalk your ex. It will mostly hurt you without any possible benefit. How can it help you any way?

Jerk off whenever you miss the sex with your ex. That is an illusion. Your hormones play games on you.

Forget about getting back together. If you don't you will always keep under the impact of your past.

If possible, just say hi to her. She doesn't bite and it will remind you thay she is still a human being.

First and foremost, don't make it like "i have to get over her". Just accept the reality and try to move on. This means that you need to know that it is normal to feel sad and depressed. Everyone gets sad after a break up no matter what. 

If you are a guy just go for some career, dude. Don't be a pussy. If you have something to do, something that keeps your mind busy, then you can be more relax and cool. Just do something.

Being knowledgeable about this topic really helps people. Knowing what is happening, what people usually go through and what the implications are is very valuable.

One should know that people usually go through the following feelings. They think the other person is having fun and feeling better then them. This is generally a false assumption. Another false assumption, and frankly being fortune teller, is that you assume you're not gonna find anybody like your ex. This is definitely false. You also decrease your value and increase the other's in your mind due to the scarcity of the person. Scarcity makes anything more valuable, don't forget.

So if you know these feelings are not real but a by product of your current break up then you would feel much more relieved. You should know that these feelings happen to everybody and they are very very very temporary. Sometimes even a week or two.