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Fethullah Gulen

Gulen has been the religious leader of majority of muslims in Turkey since 70's. For the last 50 years he was involved all the islamic movements in both society and government.

Ironically, although his intention is to rule Turkey with islamic Sharia, he has been living in US for more than ten years.

As far as I read on news he is not exactly a religious leader. He has two different careers. One, a Sunni muslim cleric who has millions of devoted followers. Second, a bussiness coach of "Turkish Liberals".

Turkish liberals such as Democrat Party (Adnan Menderes), Patriotic Movement Party (Alparslan Turkes), Right Path Party (Suleiman Demirel) have one unified goal. That is, create a sunni ignorant population (like Pakistan) in Turkey and rule the monetary system in it. They purposely diminish the quality of education in country. They are all friends of Gulen for that matter

This is what I know from what I read. And I feel very sorry for Ataturk because he was a freedom fighter and a secular person. He saved Turkey from being a sunni islamic state. Now, people he saved are trying to bring Sharia again.

He has been accused for being the mind behind Turkey military coup attempt. Which sounds little fishy to me.

He reminds me of Mandarin from Iron Man 3. In this case Erdogan might be the Iron Man.


He looks like Rajesh's father from The Big Bang Theory. Brian George