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Falling into a black hole

you can see the end of the universe for sure. The more you get closer to the event horizon the faster you see the universe move. And also they see you getting slower and slower when they observe you outside of the hole.

It is not certain that you will die. Scientists argue that, like time, the distance (and volume) is also subject to relativity. With massive gravitational force not only you would become smaller but also your perception would. It means that if you look at your phone (which became smaller of course) you'd see it the same size as before. Thus, you may not be crushed, but go into somewhere else like Alice in Wonderland. 

No scientific proof, though.

If you fall into a black hole you would end up in a bed with Einstein and Hawkin where Neil DeGrease Tyson is a fourth wheel. If you know what I'm sayin'.

you would probably end up behind a library or something.