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A holiday to celebrate Jesus' resurrection (which is a banality of that time) (

No one exactly knows what does it have to do with a rabbit and eggs. Some claim these are traditions of Pagans. None of the sources I have read about this issue is satisfactory. Some of them even claim that Jesus had a pet rabbit (what?) who laid eggs (wh?) and painted them in order to hide them from evil Jews (W?). Really?

A holiday featuring fertility symbols such as eggs, rabbits, and maidens dressed in white that pagans celebrate, named in honor of the godess of fertility known as Eostre, Astarte, Ashtoreth, Isis, Vishnu, Venus, etc. depending on when and where the pagan is from.

Source (

The name gives it away. It is obviously a pagan rituel.

"The English name, "Easter", and the German, "Ostern", derive from the name of Germanic Goddess of the Dawn (thus, of spring, as the dawn of the year) - called aster, astre, and ostre, in various dialects of Old English" (

The holiday which made me think that bunnies are not cute any more. How could people succeed to design such horrible costumes.