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Donald Trump

"Love child of his mother and an orange-haired orangutan" according to Bill Maher Donald Trump also brought his birth certificate just to prove that he is not child of an orangutan. Damn.

Currently one of the most powerful candidates running for president. Although he is not my favorite type of person, I deeply support him.

Since I am concerned about Obama's Islamist character and Hillary's wicked relationship with Saudi Arabia and oil war lords, I see Trump as the only solution.

Otherwise, we will see a lot of Orlando shooting an alike.

man with a relatively hot daughter.

To be honest, I kinda liked him when I saw his performance with Jimmy Fallon.

Okay don't kick anymore I am dead.

If he becomes the president of U.S then Great Wall of China will be the second great wall in the world. This guy seems pretty serious about building a wall between Mexico and U.S . For a long time, I thought he was joking.

I don't know why but he reminds me of Cartman. It's like Cartman somehow found a way to be rich eventually. Now he is running for the president. "I am awesome and queeee". "I am huuuuge".

Snoop Dogg said "this is not the first time you will kick a black family out from their home" about Trump's presidential campaign. You cannot escape from Snoop. Snoop is shadow. Snoop is everywhere.

His real last name is Drumpf.

Although he might seem like an absurd cartoon character I believe he talks the talk. He is openly against the Political correctness and he speaks of variety of controversial topics without hesitating. He speaks of Islamic Terrorism, Hispanic drug dealers and illegal immigrants and so forth.

Now I might sound crazy but I think I would like to see Donald Trump as the next president of United States, instead of liar Hillary Clinton. What she does is just trying to hide in the shadow of Obama. She doesn't have any opinion about anything. Why would you wanna see somebody who doesn't have any opinion about any topic that is related to U.S, as the president? I know "President Trump" sounds wrong but I believe (and I'm afraid) it is not. The best candidate was Bernie Sanders but now democrats have Hillary Clinton. Trump is far better than Hillary.