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Captain America Civil War with Spider-Man

I have never been so excited to see a trailer before. Despite the fuck boy voice of Spider-Man, I think I will wait for him to show up during the movie.

There are plenty of criticism about the CGI effects on Spidey's eyes. But, if you read comic books, his eyes are like Shakira's ass. It moves like Jagger.

This is awesome, of course. After all, he has always been a member of The Avengers. And yet, we haven't seen him on screens "the Marvel" way. It was just Sony. Sony is a walk-man company.

will absolutely kick ass. What I am curious about is that, like it happens in trailer, will Spidey join at the end of the movie? If that happens I will take my money back. And the money for the popcorns, as well.

In The Avengers Iron Man was "the guy". Now this movie is for Captain America but still the main character is Iron Man. I believe the next Captain America movie will be called "Captain America : The Iron Man" . And story of the movie will be about how awesome Iron Man is.

It is not actually known how long the Spider-Man will be in the movie. There are some discussions on the internet, but having a general idea is not easy at this moment.

The scene with RDJ's 20's was incredible. It was not only make up because if you look at his younger photos on Google you see that this is exactly him. It is a good CGI and can be used for in lots of other scenarios. Maybe even to play an actor who is already dead.