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Brussels Explosions on 22 March 2016

These explosions (resulting in deaths and injuries) claimed by ISIS. When I first heard the news I thought that "the religion of peace" must be involved. I was correct. 

Why are left wing in Western Europe and US are so eager to be "politically correct"? We read the news about Syrian refugees raping people in Norway, killing people in Germany. The news about riots in Australia and UK by people who want to be ruled by Sharia. But left wing is still careless and so called "humanist". 

What is the rationale behind it? When will you realize that Islamization is a serious and wicked thread for the world. 

Some people claim that it is about that Belgium government allowed a terrorist group called PKK to do something. And that terrorist group is enemy of ISIS. Thus, it is not a surprise that ISIS claims responsibility for these explosions. 

My question, however, why are there so many muslims in Belgium? When I read the news I get a sense that in the future Belgium will become a country where non-muslim population will be considered "minority". 

I am sorry, but you had to think about it long ago. Some group of people (parts of governments in Europe and US) are directly involved in situations in Middle East. Now other innocent people are also involved automatically because of the first type of people. This is not beginning of something, but a consequence of shitty foreign policies. 

Europe assumed that terror will not come to their home, but obviously, terror is capable of appearing right in the center of the civilization. Why? Because, you have been involved in all the ongoing situations in Middle East. Majority of Muslims consider west as "evil". 

I don't think that things will get any better and I am sorry for the innocent people who are harmed by "the religion of peace".

My solution to these kind of problems is deportation of majority of muslim population from Europe. This is also for their own good. They would be better in their own countries.

This show us that the danger is not as far away from us as we think. Ignoring is not the same thing with avoiding. That is why we should take some accountability for our actions and future before everything gets the way out of hand. 

A very subtle sign for beginning of the WW 3. An event we wish never comes. Paris attack of ISIS, Russian jet hit by Turkey, Syrian refugees, expiration dates of lots of agreements from WW 1 and lots of other things... If you follow the news very carefully you can see that world is becoming hotter politically. 

Nevertheless, I wish peace for all of us.