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The referendum for United Kingdom's status of membership or European Union. The resul was "No" meaning that citizens decided that UK should no longer be a part of EU.

Unlike most of the so cold "economists" and "professionals" speculate in order to confuse public even more, people in UK has solid reasons for voting against EU membership. One of them is immigration problem in Europe. Europe allows so many immigrants very easily that UK can no longer tolerate it. UK and US have an immigration policy which generally favors highly educated and skilled people such as Engineers, scientists etc. But Europe has been the common destination for uneducated ordinary labor.

There are about 2 million Turkish people in Germany and roughly 95% of them are uneducated labors. Even the ones who have been living there for more than one generation still continues to the tradition of being under-educated labors. If you compare demographics of UK and France you can see a huge difference. In France the French people are almost the minority. In Sweden there are huge amount of Muslims trying to bring Sharia to Sweden.

This demographic anomalies will not let Europe to keep their productive and freedom-supporter culture. This will lead scientific and educational disqualifications around European countries leading to a decrease in Industrial and economic power.

This is something that UK would no longer tolerate.

It was the best decision. There are immigrants not only from outside of the Europe that Europe lets easily inside but also from other poor European countries such as Poland, Romania etc. This has a big impact on unemployment in UK. People from UK have been protesting this kind of immigration for a long time.

Another subtle factor is the Islamization of Europe. Sweden, France and Netherlands have very high populations of Muslim people. Interesting part is that UK is already in top 5 in terms of Islamization danger. However, while UK was trying to deal with this problem EU had been doing nothing about it.

EU membership fee is also a very small reason. Another reason is that some EU countries are like China of EU. They make people work for very low salaries like China and they can produce very low cost products. Any country with high life standart cannot compete with this kind of economy. That's why Apple, Samsung, Microsoft etc. big companies move their factories to China and Thailand. So, UK is a very high standard country thus they cannot make people work for 10$ a day. That's why they cannot compete Romania, Poland, Bulgaria etc. in terms of cheap goods. Thus, free import-export market established among EU countries is not very beneficial for UK.

Leaving EU will be much more better for UK. Excluding Germany, EU is a mass. It is a concrete structure between couple of rich countries including France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium etc. Other countries like Poland, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy etc. are just there for nothing. Most of these no-rich countries have weak economies such as tourism, art, service based economy etc. There is no big industry and monetary power among these weak countries.

They don't have money to buy from UK, but UK has an incredible wealth. Thus, free trade is not good for UK. Other problems are just minor ones, in my opinion.