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Boston Dynamics and Google DeepMind

As you might know Google bought Boston Dynamics in 2013. Whenever I saw this news I immediately think of SkyNet. Look at him. (Boston Dynamic Atlas) this guy will be combined with one (Google AI) .

Facebook can protect us. If we get enough likes on Facebook we can defeat the Terminator.

It is a weird combination with bunch of implications. Google is also working on Quantum Computer. Even though I try very hard, I cannot see where this is going. Will google sell quantum computing robots? To whom?

As a matter of fact, Artificial Intelligense progress is not as fast as you might think. That ,of course, does not mean eventually we will not see mind blowing technologies related to AI.

Today, most of the AI you can come across to are used for advertisement techniques and gathering data about people.

For instance, Facebook can recognize you from your photo and suggests you tag yourself. Google gives you search results based on or related to your previous search history. It basically knows what you probably are looking for.

Thus, if you see "grow your penis 5 inches" ads don't blame anyone. They know.