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The state of being bored.

Boredom is a by product of our evolutionary progress. We are programmed to gather food, shelter, fight, defend, reproduce, discover new lands and so forth.

Now our new life style, unlike our primate ancestors, doesn't require that much activity. Thus, our instincts triggers us to do something but we don't have anything to do. We have food, land, home, security etc. Thia drivea us crazy because for millions of yeas we had to work hard for these things.

If being bored happens frequently then you are doing somethings wrong and you should change your life a little. If you don't have any hobby or things to be done then you can go for jogging, watch a movie, see a friend, read a book... But if these things also don't look appealing to you then you may be experiencing some sort of Depression

This feeling is no good for no one. Every single trouble I got myself in is because I get bored.

You text to someone you shouldn't. You go to somewhere you shouldn't. You buy something you will only use once. You drink or smoke or get hight. Just because you are bored.

This shit doesn't have any rationale behind it. This is just a bug in human mind.