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Bing (Search Engine)

Microsoft's search engine. It is the second biggest competitor in US in the Search Engine arena. 

Despite the reputation of Bing, as an IT person, I find Bing smarter than Google search. More accurate results, less Advertisement, better user interface (especially for video search) and so forth. Try it one week and you will see what I am talking about.

I have been using Bing instead of Google for a long time. I agree that Bing is as smart as Google (if not better). However, Google stores more information about individuals, thus provides you a more personal experience on search results. This is sometimes worse because Google directs you to what you already familiar instead of what is more related.

For image search Bing is far more better than Google, period. Also It predicted Oscar awards correctly. Thus they know how to use data and information. 

Google is still better at adjusting your results according to your search history. Bing, however, has a better decision making engine that decides which content is better suited for the query. The difference is Google knows you, Bing knows common sense 

Although it has some awesome features such as video auto-play, unfiltered image results, awesome image filtering options etc. Google is still better in terms of search results. At this this is what I experience.

I wonder why it is called "porn search engine" ^^

The search engine of which the image search capabilities are unmatched.