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Being a Cat Owner

I can't think of anything that I can compare to it. It's like living with a psychopath. You cannot predict what he might do and he doesn't listen to you, whatsoever. 

Suddenly jumps out of nowhere because "he is bored". But when you need to find him, he is no where. Doesn't care that you are shouting his name. However, he is suddenly there even before you open a can of tuna.

I don't know how they still manage to be cute and to make you love them.

Being a cat owner means that you need to have tolerance for maximum amount of douchery for certain times. They are clean, they like inside, they don't need that much attention like dogs do. But whenever I say "no, no. Don't throw it from table, please", he looks at my face and slowly pushes whatever there is on the table.

I have a cat which is very different than how the internet knows cats. 

She comes for cuddle every morning when I wake up, because during the night she gets very bored. She doesn't sleep that much. During the day she is mostly awake. 

Every time I come from work, I find her welcoming me on the door instead of finding her sleeping on the coach. Cats can be very loving and emotionally attached like dogs do.