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Being Single

Being single is the natural state of our species. Primates become couples because pregnant female cannot survive in the wild due to the fact that we walk on two legs.

Penguins are also in similar situation. The egg should be kept warm under the penguin's fur. That's why one of them should look after the egg and other one go and find food. But a female Tiger does not need any help from her male partner.

it makes me feel like I have a very long life ahead of me. But when I am in a relationship (such as right now) I feel like this is all there is. I see myself as a dad with a big belly full of beer. On second thought, a girlfriend is also very handy, though.

why not. As a matter of fact I love being couple as much as being single. However, having a lot of money and spending it with blackjack and hookers would be a much more better choice.

Sometimes being single can be very motivational to improve yourself. People spend some time in relationships and when they are single they spend time to find someone. That is not what I can suggest. When you are single spend your time to improve yourself. Maybe a nee hobby, sport, musical enstrument, overseas vacation...

The phase of life when you realize how soft and sexy your right hand is. 

Depending on your social environment it can be hurtful or joyful. If you are surrounded by boring people and most of your friends are couples then it is something undesirable.

But if you live in a dynamic city like New York then being single would be an adventage.