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Barack Obama

The coolest president I have ever seen. The second may be Putin. 

When he said "they are doing everything teenagers are doing" about his daughters Jimmy Kimmel said "oh boy". And that moment was the first time I inhaled my own cheek by laughing.

First black president of United States. I am not sure but he is probably one of the first black president among all other western countries, as well. He was elected two times in a row in the presidential elections. 

He portrayed a good husband and a father. Theme of his speeches were generally about "possibilities" and "equality". This made him easily remind Martin Luther King for most of the Americans. 

A secret muslim.    


- Yes, I love conspiracy theories. 

+ (Q)

- No, it has nothing to do with banana. 


- Yes I know they can bomb me.

Dude is fucked up. Look at this picture. Just look at it. Even his ears got bigger.