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A mental condition that makes you worry about things that are actually not worth to worry about. It consumes your energy and motivation even in daily life. You become reactive instead of proactive and you generally focus on the problem instead of the solution. 

I have this mental disorder to some extend and I know exactly how it feels like. I think and worry about the things which normally people do not even realize in the first place.  

It is the pestilence of our time. Huge number of people are suffering from this disease with varying degrees. Especially our modern society and lifestyle makes individuals more vulnerable to stress. This makes related mental disorders to be spread relatively easier.

Besides the fact that these kind of disorders have a genetic root, it is triggered by the environment and individual's experience.

It is mostly about financial reasons. Relationships, family, friends, job, health... All of them are surely affected by monetary ciecumstances. 

As far as I see, majority of people with anxiety are middle class. This makes a lot sense because they borh earn less and have to spend more. Damn you money.

It's like the opposite of Snoop Dogg's mental state. I don't know if it's weed or something else , but conducting a research on that guy may help on this issue.