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Ana Kasparian

The hot co-host of the show The Young Turks. (Yeah, sorry. I am sexist.). 

She is one of the most intelligent women I have ever seen. Despite her beauty she actually makes sense when she talks. I was expecting the otherwise. 

When you look at her photos before the plastic surgery (for nose) you agree that it was a good decision. What I am curious about is that how she can get along with the fat fuck potato near her. The Turkish one. That guy is talking without thinking. 

She proves that Armenian girls are beautiful, once more.

I couldn't decide whether her boobs are big or small. It's like an optical illusion. One second it looks big and next day it is small. Big... small... big... small... I sound like a pervert.

I think she is a little arrogant and sometimes look like a smart ass. Although she might look modest, she is kind of person who would responde with attack to evety criticism about her. Ana Kasparian, still those boobs, though 

I bet she is awesome in bed. I get a sense that she might break you if you find her in right mood. 

A woman who can replace every role of Kaley Cuoco in every movie or tv series. They both are my number one examples of beautiful and hot regular size women. Ana Kasparian is indeed an almost-plus-size woman and she looks gorgeous.

I don't know if I should call her dirty or nympho but you should check this montage. (If liveleak says "item is not found" just refresh the page)

Now, of course this video is just collected from lots of videos by cutting and merging, but still you can observe the language and tell me that this chick is not a nympho.

She likes this big