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Amanda Cerny

A breath taking woman who is famous for her Vine videos. She kind of looks like Cobie Smulders but a better version with bigger boobs.

She was a playboy bunny in past years.

She should have been a pornstar instead. Cause the direction of her videos is towards that genre.

She is currently obsessed with Turkish or Turkey. We'll see what will come out.

She is so full of life and fun that I would marry her without a second thought. She breaks the rules and makes me think beautiful chicks don't have to be retarded.

She really looks like Cobie Smulders. Especially in some photos people cannot figure out if it is Amanda or Cobie. And, yes, I admire her humor and beauty.

The woman I know thanks to Grenders. I didn't want to but here we go. I have another celebrity crush along with other one hundred.