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A mental disorder with symptoms of psychosis, confusion, inability to distinguish what is real and what is not.

I had a friend who I know for more than ten years, since he was 12 abnd I was about 13. He was a very kind person. Unlike what I know about schizophrenic people, he was ver outgoing and social one.

He always talks about how people are living an illusion. No one loves one another. Everyone only cares about themselves and their complex ego. People can do surprisingly wicked things for their gain.

We thought these are very common conceptions among a lot of people. So he never gave away that he has a problem.

In fact, he didn't know that either.

Ona day a friend of mine and I went to his home and his mother welcomed us in. Then we went upstairs to his room. When we were in fron of the door we heard that he was talking to somebody. We just heard some parts of the conversation. We thought he was on the phone because only his voice was present at the moment. "I am capable of that", "yes, I know god wants me to", "no, no one knows".

We couldn't figure out what he was talking about. We went into the room to see him talking to a picture of his father. It was shocking for me because I only saw the scenes in movies.

The most bizzare part is that after he realized that we are there, he continues talking. He was looking at us with empty eyes. My other friend started crying and we told his mother to come to see what's going on.

She never saw him like that but still was very calm and careful. They went to psychiatrist. He was 17 at that time.

He is 25 now and still at hospital. I don't know the details but he has never been cured from what he has in his head. He was a beautiful person without any signs of abnormal mind. Still, he is considered highly dangerous and has been getting treated since then.